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Dec 23, 2012 2:55am EST
was a in january 2010. i have been cleaned sense. the people i talk to at the national as to of drug abuse wanted me to talk about -- i do not think it would have never supported that line of cocaine if i was not high that night. i do not think i am a victim of anything. i chose what i chose, and i am here because of that. i would have never gone from growing up in mcclain and playing sports and doing all the things that i was to injecting heroin. that would never would have happened. any people that i need today that has the same store that i have, it never happened like that. it was a very slow, lowering of the bar. it for me, my start was smoking marijuana. it opened up this world that led me to being a convicted felon. i am really grateful to be here. i did not know what i am doing here. i was telling my friends, all of these speakers are directors and have ph.d. s and are doctors. i work at starbucks. i really do not know what i am doing here. [applause] i am going to school for social work. i hope to have my own practice or work in a treatment center working with adolescen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1